My unexpected Easter weekend

So it is now April 10, 2012; Easter has come and passed, and now it’s back to the grind.

The last time I left a post on my blog, I was hoping to have some better news to report in regards to finding a job.
Well the day after I last blogged (on April 3rd), I got a phone call from one of the places that I applied to! (YAY!!!)
I had a phone interview, and later that same day I was informed that I had an interview set up for next week (my interview is later today!!)
I was so happy with that news, it was exactly what I needed to hear!
I’m praying that I nail this interview and get the job!
With that good news, I was ready to start my long weekend, but this long Easter weekend will be one that I won’t forget.
On Thursday, I went about my day like I normally would. But sometime later in the afternoon my mom came into my room and asked me to drive her to the ER. She was feeling chest pains and didn’t feel well. Just hearing my mom ask me to drive her to the ER scared the life out of me, but I had to stay calm.
I only dropped my mom off at the hospital. I wanted to stay with her, but because parking is expensive, she said she would call me when she’s ready to go home.
So I dropped her off, and went back home and waited. The first couple of hours weren’t so bad, but when I still didn’t hear back from her by 9:30pm, I started to worry so I called her. At that point, she already had a few tests done and was still waiting to see the doctor, and she told me that she would probably have to stay overnight.
After I hung up the phone I felt more concern, but didn’t really focus on it. I just kept watching television.
It hit me like a ton of bricks later though. Man, I was a mess that night. I was so worried about my mom being in the hospital, I didn’t sleep very well that night.
The next morning (Good Friday), mom called me from the hospital and told me they admitted her to a room. I got ready as fast as I could and headed over to the hospital. I ended up spending a good majority of the day with my mom at the hospital. She finally ended up seeing the cardiologist, who said that he wanted to do an angiogram on her to check if there any blockages in her heart. The only thing was that because it was a long weekend, mom would have to wait till Monday to have the angiogram done. So I had to go back home, and pack a bunch of mom’s things for her stay at the hospital.
For the next 3 days, I spent most of my time at the hospital, just keeping mom company. It had been a while since we actually got to spend time together like that; and it actually reminded me of when I was in the hospital.
When I was in the hospital for my surgery (3 years ago), mom was there every morning and stayed with me to keep me company. Now the roles were reversed, it was my turn to look after her.
Mom had her angiogram yesterday (Monday, April 9) and was finally able to come home. The angiogram didn’t show any blockages (which is very good news), so we were both very happy with that news!
The past weekend really woke me up to see what’s really important. Yes, I do still need a job to pay for my bills etc., but the most important things in life, aren’t about money. Life is nothing without your family and your health.

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