My Web Site Has a New Look -check out

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If you have not been to my main illustration web site, in a while, take a look… you’ll notice a big change. It seems every four years I really want to make a significant renovation to my sites, and I usually do, developing the design myself and hiring a designer/programmer to implement the site. This time it took about six years though before I got around to it!

And it was not a renovation but a complete change: I switched over to a design/hosting company,, and this time I did not create a new site design per se, but worked within a customization of one of their multitude of template variations.This site conveniently has an internal editing administration feature so I can simple drag & drop in new items, take old images out, rename portfolios, modify image descriptions and menu words, etc… all in a blink. Very convenient for a non-code writing guy who is simply too busy making images all the time. (I had used to develop my golf art prints web site, -which is how I came to decide to also use them for my illustration web site as well. 

This new site design is very simple, less bells & whistles compared to my previous all-flash site… but it gets the job done of simply displaying my illustration samples quite nicely.

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