My WSJ Portrait of Peter Dinklage

Okay, at the risk of alienating some of my friends and family – not to mention readers of this blog – I will admit that I don’t watch “Game of Thrones”. I’ve never even paid attention to its commercials or extended trailers. I have been known to binge-watch with the best of ’em. I watched all 62 episodes of “Breaking Bad” over a three-month stretch, and two full seasons of “House of Cards” in just a few days. And – I can only spend so many hours sitting on my ass in front of a television, y’know?

Having said that, I will admit to being a big fan of Peter Dinklage. I was first introduced to this terrific actor in a small, independent film (that I really loved) called “The Station Agent” back in 2003.

In 2007, he played a pivotal role in the ensemble cast of a British farce called “Death at a Funeral”. Three years later I had the opportunity to create a hedcut portrait of him for The Wall Street Journal film review of the American remake. This all-new version had a completely different cast – with the exception of Dinklage who reprised his role. Oddly, his character’s name was changed – from Peter to Frank. Perhaps they thought Americans wouldn’t be able to differentiate the character from the actor.

I sincerely hope that my friends who watch (are obsessed with?) “Game of Thrones” enjoy its season premiere this coming Sunday.

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