I recently created another cover for the awesome folks at LA Weekly about how prisoners keep committing suicide at a women’s prison; while such instances are not unheard of, these deaths are happening under suspicious circumstances. In the article, one notable mention of such a death is about a young woman in her late 20s who had been incarcerated for over 10 years and was up for parole in less than a week;it seems one particular women’s prison has had several mystery suicides in the last year.

Sketches. The use of a rope noose was requested in at least one sketch:

The noose/bar escape idea was selected with a few adjustment requests to make space for text. Doing so actually lessened the “lady parts” feel of the composition, but you gotta make the image work with the design. The AD requested a blue or purple background and to stay away from black; I think we wanted to stay away from a macabre color palette since the subject matter is actually pretty sad.

I like how this image turned out. While cheesey, I sort of wanted to do sketch #3…

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