Grab yourself a copy of this month’s Asda’s Good Living magazine and you’ll be able to see one of my illustrations as a double page spread! 

I had the pleasure of working on this commission from Hearst publishing for a wonderful piece on some of the UK’s best food products (I’m all over the Rodda’s classic clotted cream) and it’s still so exciting to see my work in print, on the shelves nationwide!

This piece has now been added to my Illustration portfolio, which you can browse through here

On another note, some of you may have seen from my Instagram and Facebook that I am officially on Maternity leave! I won’t be accepting any new commissions for the time being, however my husband, Avnish, will be running my shops & website and  publishing blog posts for me whilst I’m away. If you drop me an email, he will be sure to reply ASAP.