Nature is my muse… hurry, spring!

The Snowy Path

I paint more in good weather!

I always find it easier to be creative when the snow is gone and green and colorful growth surrounds my home and studio.  I am itching to be able to work in the gardens.  Each day that is not snowing, when the chinook winds have melted a few places, I go out to check on progress of any early bulbs.

The path to the garden between the deck and garage is still blocked by a large snow drift.  At the end of the path, you can see a very old metal garden chair that sits next to the frozen compost bin.  This is the north side of the garage, so all the snow slides off the roof there and it is always shaded.

There is a beautiful old Irish slip jig called The Snowy Path.  You can watch and listen to a version here with dancers from St. Joseph’s Irish Dancers performing a slip jig at the Harper School of Performing Arts: Snowy Path

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