Wow, I just realized how often I work for LA-based publications. Maybe I should move there and be forever warm… and not shoveling snow in March…

This was a fun cover to do for the LA Times’ annual NCAA March Madness insert. These types of covers always focus on LA’s local teams from an editorial point-of-view. There were high hopes for UCLA, but we all know how that turned out. Ah well, maybe next year?

The AD wanted imagery of a big bear terrorizing small players from the playoffs. Rough sketches:

#1 was chosen with a request that we add in the USC Trojans mascot also doing a small bit of terrorizing. Final sketch for placement:

Sadly, editorial changed their minds about the Trojan being in the image. So I had to drop him and make composition adjustments on-the-fly while working on the final art. I as a little bummed as I thought it harmed the image to drop him; he worked as a nice transition into the smaller figures.

Final art in two color options. The image was about 20 inches tall:

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