New Appearance To Online Cartoon Catalog

In early 2015 I began re-designing my online cartoon catalog and structured the site to offer visitors automatic downloading of cartoons after chosen images are purchased. This offers an easier, faster way for people to get work in hand quickly, as opposed to sending an inquiry asking licensing fees, then having to wait for my response. For instance, going to my farm cartoons catalog will show you a page of thumbnails where you click an image to enlarge to cartoon. That next page will show you the larger version along side payment buttons.
 Each payment button provides the visitor with a specific breakdown of how usage and fees correlate for each usage. The buyer can simply click that button which pertains to their intended usage and it takes them to a payment page which will easily allow them to enter their payment information and credit card number or PayPal info.
 Once payment is made, the buyer gets and email with a download link and you can click that link which gives you the option to save the image to your hard drive and/or print the high resolution version directly on your computer. It’s a simple shopping cart with a few steps for buyer convenience. The information you enter is securely encrypted via my hosting service and also by PayPal so there is an extra layer of encryption to ensure privacy and safety. There are roughly 5,000 different cartoons available in over 60 separate categories and the categories can be accessed or viewed on this cartoon selections page. If you have any specific questions about the web catalog and/or shopping cart, simply email me anytime at or use the convenient contact form you can access directly on my cartoon catalog main page or the drop-down you can find throughout the site.

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