New Artist – Paul Carpenter

New Artist – Paul Carpenter

November 18, 2016 Paul Carpenter and his regal cats and dogs have taken up residence at The Illustration Room.

“As an average artist I’ve always been in awe of the old classic masterpieces. When I worked in London as a finished artist in an advertising agency I was lucky enough to have been located very close to the National Portrait Gallery, amongst others, and would frequent them in my lunch hour complete with a ham and cheese sandwich. It wasn’t just the detail that blew my mind, but the huge size of these artworks. Some of them would have completely covered the entire wall, ceiling, floor and entrance hall of our council house apartment in Streatham.

Those images and I guess more importantly the unfathonable time and skill that went in to them stuck with me.

With those images seeded in my memory I moved forward with more commercially viable options to sustain me. Art directing, finished art, typography, photography, design and the occasional writing.

I’d love to have the time to actually sit and paint with oil or any medium and be able to make a living from it, but not many people are able to do that these days, well certainly not living in Sydney with two kids, two dogs and a mortgage.

So I use the medium that I’ve adopted over my commercial lifetime, the Apple Mac, and I try and create the work that I love with the creatures that I love, dogs, cats, in fact, any animal, but dogs and cats have more personality.

I’m nuts about dogs. Mum and dad would never let us have one when I was growing up as we lived in council house, but I would always come home with stray dogs, puppies and injured birds. They finally succumbed and bought me a budgie.

I think budgies may be my next project. Botticelli Budgies?


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