New Artist – Sarah Dennis

We are excited to welcome Sarah Dennis to the agency. Sarah combines the traditional art of paper cutting with collage to create her beautiful artworks. Here is a selection of our favourite pieces and an insight into Sarah’s work.

What inspires you?

I love nature. Sometimes just watching a documentary will inspire me. I’m really interested in the patterns, which emerge in the natural world: from the fractals in Romanesco broccoli to the flocking of birds and fish. I also love reading old folktales: I recently bought some books called ‘Japanese Tales and Legends’ and ‘Coyote Stories’. I love the use of imagery in these stories and the morals of the tales.

New Artist – Sarah Dennis

What’s your working process?

When starting a project I begin by researching the topic and creating a mood board. I’ll then start scribbling lots of small sketches before assembling these ideas into a clear design. I’ll then draw out my final sketch on good quality paper, and reach for the craft knife. I cut details from the drawing to reveal the design in paper. I’ll either keep the cutout as a silhouette or start adding layers and different colours to create a 3D effect.

New Artist – Sarah Dennis

How would you describe your work?

Technically, I would describe my work as a mixture of traditional paper-cutting, with elements of collage. Aesthtically I would describe it as capturing the beauty of nature using imagery inspired by whimsical childhood dreams.

What’s your dream project?

I recently published my first Children’s book ‘Cinderella’, which I would describe as a dream project. The pages alternate between printed illustrations and intricate paper-cut designs, which overlay and interact with each other. The paper-cut pages really brought everything to life, which made me think another dream project would be to create an entirely paper cut animation.

New Artist – Sarah Dennis

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