Based in Hood River, Oregon, Diana Heom is a passionate illustrator and graphic designer who recently joined the Directory of Illustration! Diana lives and breathes design, bringing 10 years of experience in print and editorial design, art direction, project management, web design, illustration, and book and magazine production to the table. As an independent designer, she specializes in designing and illustrating everything from wedding invitations to greeting cards to websites.

After earning her degree in graphic design and working in design for the first part of her career, Diana expanded her expertise to also include illustration. One of her early illustration projects was creating the food illustrations for cookbooks at Williams-Sonoma while working for a book publisher. Diana’s illustration style, which was initially vector-based, has since shifted towards a more realistic, hand-drawn style.

This realistic style is especially evident in the illustration work she produces for her small business, Everybody Loves Lulu (named after her rescue dog, Lulu). Her business specializes in personalized pet products; Diana creates realistic pet portrait illustrations adapted for fun products such as pet ID tags and placemats. Visit the Everybody Loves Lulu website and Instagram, and check out some examples of Diana’s pet illustrations below.

In addition to her pet illustrations, Diana enjoys creating food illustrations. In fact, her favorite type of project to work on involves producing illustrations for books. This is a Cookbook and Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden are two books she is especially proud to have worked on. Diana illustrated the entire This is a Cookbook, which includes over 150 recipe illustrations and step-by-step instructions for cooking projects. For Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden, Diana illustrated over 150 fruits and vegetables and 20 garden plans and planting methods. Take a look at some of these food illustrations below:

Diana also recently completed a personal project, which visually tracks her progress through each trimester of her pregnancy. Using watercolor pencil, she drew a fruit that corresponds to the size of her baby during each week of pregnancy.

Explore Diana Heom’s portfolio and check out her website for additional work.