New mobile icons for KLM airlines are a lot more liberal


























Times change and so do the mobile devices we bring on board of our plane. I was commissioned to design a new set of icons for the KLM safety on board card, which is in use as of now! As you can see they are a lot more liberal, and there are no red crosses this time. Switching off your device is now no longer obligatory, switching to airplane mode or disabling wifi is sufficient these days.

While mobile devices look much more alike these days, I aimed to bring back the devices back to their essentials and incorporate subtle elements from different brands, so that everyone can immediately identify with them. Regardsless of which brand of smartphone, iPad, e-book reader, laptop or portable DVD-player they bring. Have a good flight.

Icon design by Leon Mussche. Art-direction by Sylwia Strugala / KLM

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