New Piece: Black Templar

New Piece: Black Templar

Hey kids,

Time to start working on a new personal piece! I’ve been doing a bit of freelance work lately (I can’t share it here, unfortunately) so this will be a nice departure from the day to day.

As you can tell from the reference material, I’m going as Gothic as impossible… not in the emo, black nail polish way, but in the medieval sense of the word.

Something which I am pretty passionate about is 40k lore, which is extremely grim-dark. I never really felt like that flavor and character is truly delivered in the models and art to the extent it could be, so I’d like to push my own art to the limit. You can check out my own grim-dark conversions (on miniatures) here: They were featured on the GW site last December, which is also pretty sweet (the web guys like some grim-dark too).

Anyway, I’m going to try and pack as much macabre decorations, religious iconography, and otherwise flavorful details into this painting as possible. Of course, I’m going to be keeping everything as fluffy as possible, ensuring that this Templar looks like he came straight off the last crusade.

Get excited! I know I am….


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