New Pochade Box

Last week I finally received my lovely new plein air painting box. Open Box M out of Cody Wyoming custom makes these boxes for artists all over the country. I have used this exact box before, borrowed from friend Rob Adamson and I loved it. It is carefully hand crafted out of quality hardwoods and is light yet very sturdy. All of the brass fittings and hardware are precision made specifically for these boxes.

All you need is a tripod to mount it on and you are ready to go. My box is the 11″ x 14″ pallette/panel holder, small enough to fit in a backpack. The color mixing area is just about right for painting outdoors as I generally work pretty small. Spring loaded rods hold your panel securely in place and can be adjusted to hold a piece approximately 18″ wide if desired. I love the functionality as well as the look of this box and I can’t wait to get out and break it in.

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