New York City Skyline

Today I got out of work early due to a barely functioning AC, which in turn made the office too hot to work in comfortably or sanely.  So instead of heading home to a cool place, I went to the Jersey City waterfront at Exchange Place and sketched downtown Manhattan.  I was aiming to have the drawing fit on one 11×14 sheet of bristol, but ended up using three.  Pictured above are the buildings south of the Goldman Sachs building.  The Freedom Tower is in there; a bit too short and incomplete.  I made a separate drawing of the Freedom Tower on the left which I’ll finish and add into the final drawing.   I will probably redraw all this on one large sheet at some point in the near future.  It was a super relaxing, albeit HOT, drawing session.  There was a breeze that made the heat more bearable, but an annoying fly that has made multiple red, itchy marks on my legs.  

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