News, Griping, Nutrisystem, and Alignments.

News, Griping, Nutrisystem, and Alignments.

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Hey folks,

Time for some new blogging. We have a lot to cover in this post, so let’s get started.


1. The time has come! I have officially given my two weeks notice at my day job and will be going full time freelance starting September 1st. This is a pretty terrifying prospect but I am excited, nonetheless.

2. The YouTube channel is blowing up! Just yesterday we passed over 1500 subscribers. Many thanks to all the subscribers and for anyone who has commented, liked, or shared my videos.


1. My lovely enabler YouTube is being a giant pain. I have several new videos lined-up for you all to enjoy, but cannot share them yet as YouTube refuses to monetize them. Normally, when a video is submitted, YouTube will monetize my videos within a day or so and they are ready to go. However, this time around they have reviewed them, denied them, and are now reviewing my appeals…. awesome. If anyone has any tips for how to stream-line this process, please leave a comment as I am at my wit’s end.


So, as some of you may remember, several weeks (a month or so, I think) ago I began a bold experiment with Nutrisystem. Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to stick to the diet plan and have lost nearly 20 lbs. I currently have 12 lbs to go before I reach my goal weight.


Lastly, I saw some extraordinary (in the literal sense “out of the ordinary”) behavior today which I will categorize using the Dungeons & Dragons Alignment Matrix.

1. Chaotic Evil Woman at grocery store. This woman, seeing a parked cart in the aisle, then parked her own cart in such a way that the aisle was entirely blocked. It wasn’t an absent-minded action – she looked up at me, made eye contact, then maneuvered her cart so that one end touched the aisle wall and the other end touched the parked cart.

2. Neutral Neutral Kid at grocery store. This obese child was driving a cart in lazy circles near the butchery, all the while testing the abilities of his mouth to make sounds. His favorites were “bluh bluh bluh” and “kreeeonk!” I imagine that, over a long enough period of time, his alignment would have gone into the “evil” category as his antics would have gotten pretty annoying.

3. Chaotic Good (?) Man beside road. This guy….I don’t even know. He was in his driveway near an intersection dancing on a yoga mat while listening to music on headphones, smoking a cigarette, and drinking from a giant container of “red drink.” I put a “?” in parenthesis because he wasn’t really “good” but he was entertaining.

4. Neutral Neutral Man outside of apartment building. This was another weird one, I’m still reconciling it in my head. As I was walking to my building, with arms full of groceries, a man stumbled out of the doorway. He was wearing skin tight, shiny gold hot pants. He didn’t say a word and he didn’t make eye contact, but he did proceed to run off. I’m not sure what I saw exactly, but I didn’t ask questions.

The End!


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