Newspaper Stuff

These are some recent images. Funny- much of my work lately has been for newspapers, the senior medium- and much of it has been for the web, the new(ish) medium. I began my career thirty eight years ago this spring at The New York Times, when I was a senior at Parsons School of Design. My first job was commissioned, of course, by Steve Heller. In his long career at the Times, Steve made it his mission to help young illustrators and cultivate new talent. Many, if not most of the best illustrators working today started with Heller. He used to give me jobs that had no publication date, perhaps weren't even jobs…and I would do sketch after sketch and he would critique them all. At one point, I lost a day job in the Letraset department at A.I. Friedman on 44th st. when Eric Seidman called me in to do a Week in Review job. I did not hesitate, the Times was a block away. My boss didn't understand, nor did he hesitate either. He fired me on the spot. I didn't care. The last hot-type edition of the Sunday Times ran off the presses on July 2, 1978. The editor got page one of the Week in Review section, A massive lead plate the size of a broadsheet with reversed type and images. Eric, as Art Director, got page two. One of my early drawings is embedded in that page. Eric had it made into a coffee table.

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