NYCC Wrap Up

The Lovely Anna and I are back from New York Comic Con. It was a crazy, busy convention. I think it was actually more manic than San Diego… maybe that’s just because it’s approaching the same attendance levels but squeezed into a smaller area. Not having my own booth at SDCC I am not sure how I’d do under the same circumstances. All I know is I was swamped from open to close doing caricatures and commissions. Here’s some pictures from the show, including a couple of drawings I did:

Abrams Publishing editor Charlie Kochman, MAD art director
Ryan Flanders, me and MAD artist/illustrator Ray Alma.
Photo courtesy of Ray Alma.

NYCC Wrap UpRyan, me and Random House senior designer John Sazaklis, also a former
MAD design intern. Photo by John Sazaklis.

NYCC Wrap UpA couple of commissions for a guy from MTV, Madonna and…

NYCC Wrap Up…Pink. I guess he likes female rockers with only one name.

NYCC Wrap UpI did this in someone’s sketchbook using Pitt pens. Had to channel my
inner Jack Davis to draw Uncle Creepy from Creepy Magazine

NYCC Wrap UpAnother pen-drawn sketchbook commission- Alfred as
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds from “Firefly”

NYCC Wrap UpThe Thursday MAD Panel. Left to right: Peter Kuper, Jonathan Bressman, me, Ryan Flander, Sam Viviano, John Ficarra. Photo by Ray Alma.

NYCC Wrap UpMy caricature of fellow caricaturist Steve Nyman.

We had a great time. See you next year, NYCC!


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