Occasional Drawings and Stuff 2013-07-21 16:35:00

Occasional Drawings and Stuff 2013-07-21 16:35:00

Speaking of books I’m in… Dan Moynihan recently did a Kickstarter campaign that I thought was pretty cool.

The Project

“Earlier this year, I painted this image on my broken skateboard deck. It’s a message to myself, and to anyone else who wants to grab it: “You’re Not Too Old!” It’s not too late to dream and to do the things that you really want to do. Go for it!”

I was agreeable to some inspiration at the time, so I attempted to lend my moral support. which, you know, can be quantitatively measured as not very useful to a kickstarter project. Nevertheless I received an original ink drawing of a skater in action AND the SK8 or Doodle: Skateboarding Comics Zine! The trick on my page was coffin. I don’t know if Dan chose coffin because it sounds similar to my last name… or maybe he deduced my religious leaning and a lot can be read into the seemingly prayerful pose as the coffin barrels down a hill… or maybe it’s some sort of Massachusetts Mafia warning… or maybe it was random. I guess I could ask.

You can check out the “You’re Not Too Old” skateboard deck and the SK8 or Doodle zine at Danmart (Dan’s Etsy site).

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