Old Quincy Drawing

This is one of my first works for my job as a newspaper illustrator. It was part of an illustration for a story about abused pets. The original file has a March 2001 date on it– that’s about six weeks into my career. I didn’t have a pen-tablet at work yet, and it shows in this piece. There are no signs of pressure sensitive pen strokes, just click and shift-click to create straight lines. I enjoy the vaguely woodcut look to working that way, and I’ve used that technique quite a few times, but it seems slow me down.
I’m pretty sure it was created on a layer above a scanned drawing or photograph. If you do not recognize him from previous posts — he does make appearances in my work from time to time — this is a portrait of my good friend Quincy. Ten years later, he looks about the same.
I can’t seem to find a copy of the complete illustration, either the digital file or a hard copy I could take a picture of.
The End

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