On a Dark Knight: Sketching ideas using Paper by @FiftyThree

On a Dark Knight: Sketching ideas using Paper by @FiftyThree

Thought I might take a moment to share some of the sketches I created to use in my recent Dark Knight Rises T Shirt submission. I used a brand new sketchbook app on my trusty 1st Gen. iPad to get some ideas on Paper.
Working on concepts, designs, layouts and even sketching the characters from memory. I didn’t use any reference for the drawings, I did that on purpose as I usually rely heavily on reference when drawing for my illustrations, so i guess it was something of a test for myself.
Some of the character sketches actually came out better than I thought, and so they ended up in the final illustration. 
After sketching, I emailed the images to myself (before the new feature of saving to your camera roll was available – it is now!) and composed the illustration in Photoshop.
I have put together some screen grabs directly from the app and the final artwork at the end.
If you like drawing, sketching, a bit of painting I thoroughly recommend the new app by FiftyThree, from beginners to professionals the ease of use and simplicity of the design is the closest thing I haver found on a digital device that comes to actually drawing in a sketchbook.



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