On failure, stardust, and life right now:

 In September I’m taking my second trip to the Navajo Rez to teach art & poetry workshops with youth in Pinon and finish a few projects with one of my favorite artists: Chip Thomas. There, I’m going to continue research for an eco-feminist film I’ve been dreaming about for years. October brings a northeast poetry tour with the inspiring William Giles, and doing my first ever TEDx talk about the intersection of immigration and radical imagination. Then mustering the bravery to send out my MFA application to the dream directing school – the AFI conservatory. It’s a struggle finding the strength to put myself out there like this. Every time I go on stage, or face the blank page I remember the stutter that once silenced me, now has got nothing on me. Every morning I pull myself out of bed, and write – knowing the deep responsibility I have toward the lineage of all the migrant women and queer artists/ activists of color who have made this work & this life possible. To find a way to keep believing that art, like love – is something worth risking stability, and life for. That when home does not exist, you create it yourself. In all this, I’ve been giving my friends some advice about the pursuit of artistic dreams, and the only thing I have to say: is to embrace the truth you might fail epically, but do not let that stop you from trying. For failure is a concept invented by capitalism and competition, and expectation. There is no competition but the one the world ingrained in our hearts. Peel that away and discover blood that keeps pumping you life despite failure. Like your heart, will stop beating one day, so will every star. Thus failure only brings us closer to the stars. Therefore – true failure does not exist. Therefore – our dreams must go on. What are we afraid of, but the stardust we came from and will one day become?

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