On Thursday 5th March 2011, I received a letter from the…

On Thursday 5th March 2011, I received a letter from the lawyers representing Lions Gate who make Mad Men:

They have told me to stop selling my caricatures of Don Draper, Joan Holloway and Peggy Olson. If I carry on I will be threatened with legal action. Also I have been asked to take all my Mad Men images off the internet.

They say that my images will cause or is likely to cause substantial damage to Lions Gate Televison Inc.

And that my actions amount to the tort of Passing Off

This was never my intention… I’m just a big fan of Mad Men and I wanted to do caricatures of my favourite characters on the show… and I make my apologies to all those affected and offended.

Anyway, I’ve agreed to their demands, as I don’t fancy getting into a legal fist-fight with Lions Gate Television Inc.

Though this could set a dangerous precedent. Can you imagine every kid receiving a lawsuit every time he decides to do a bit of fan-art based and their favourite movie and TV Show. 

My apologies to anyone who wanted a print of Don, Joan or Peggy… as I’m afraid you cant have one anymore.

The truth is, I probably did sail a little too close to the wind and the popularity of the images was it’s downfall. Anyway, it isn’t going to stop me from watching Mad Men Season 5.

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