P.S. 11 Young Artists Project

I know this blog is for my writing and painting life, but since the P.S. 11 Young Artists project completely absorbed my life for the last three months, I feel compelled to write about that. This project involved 78 kids from kindergarten to grade 5, and included 8 artist mentors. For 8 weeks students met during their lunch and recess time to study art with their mentor. Each mentor specialized in a different style and/or medium, and taught the fundamentals of design while sharing their personal philosophy on art. At the end of the 8 weeks, a beautiful gallery in Chelsea, The Anton Kern Gallery, gave us space to hold a one day show and reception. Over 300 people showed up to see the artwork. The event was a huge success. Here is a pdf of the event program with photos of the students and their work.

Now that this experience has reached a satisfying conclusion, I am thrilled to jump back into writing and illustrating with full force. When I originally came up with this idea, I was reluctant to follow through because I could see how much time and effort and asking for donations this was going to take.

What I didn’t realize was what the experience would give to me. Today, I have so many ideas from interacting with young art students, that I never would have had otherwise. So without delay, I am headed for the drafting table…

See full post here: Paint and Paper2013-04-08.