Pathfinder Kickstarter: Complete Illustration and Videos!

Pathfinder Kickstarter: Complete Illustration and Videos!

I have finally gotten the version of the Speed Paint featuring music to work on Youtube. You can view it here:

Hey everyone,

After some grueling internet battles with YouTube, I have finally received monetization approval for two new videos. These videos pertain to the wonderful Kickstarter campaign I mentioned in a recent blog post (which I hope you have visited!).

Below is the piece I painted for this project, an Egalit adventurer examining some ancient hieroglyphs. Per usual, I have one lengthy tutorial video explaining my process and a second, shorter video which speeds through the painting process. Unfortunately, there is no audio for the second video as it was causing too many copyright issues.

Egalit Adventurer ©  bySwarm Inc. 2012

How to Paint Digitally: Pathfinder Egalit: Digital Painting Tutorial

How to Paint Digitally: Pathfinder: Egalit Speed Paint (no music)

All comments and questions are welcome. Please make sure to check out the Kickstarter page here:


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