Patti Mollica to Teach in Italy

Patti Mollica’s vibrant, thick brushstrokes capture perfectly the energy of her environment, be it dizzying and urban or bucolic and serene. Particularly considering her talent for communicating her medium, it is not surprising that she has been invited to conduct a week-long painting workship, en plein air, in stunning Cordona, Italy. How does one say “Lucky Duck” in Italian?

On her website, Patti elaborates: “Have you always longed to create paintings quickly and confidently but got overwhelmed by the task of translating complex scenes with lots of detail? If so, this workshop is designed specifically for you…my step-by-step workshop is designed to teach you how to paint quickly and fearlessly, using bold, brillant colors, thick, juicy paint and big brushes.” Sounds heavenly.

If you are able to get away, the workshop will be taking place September 8-15, and you can learn more by clicking here.

Image by Patti Mollica:



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