Picture = >1000 words

Picture = >1000 words

My Girl Song From Houston Rocks the House on stage In Paris singing with Rimshot! She lives here and her music career is taking wings. Watch out World Here She Comes!

This Beach was right next to the Donnatar Castle on the Northeastern shores of Scotland. It was the most Breathtaking view I’ve ever seen.

The Beach in Aberdeen (Scotland)

The Musee’ De Louvre was one of many Perpetually Mobbed and a bit of a nightmare most days, but still -just awesome. Just to look around at the paintings, the architecture, and sculptures represented here and see for yourself the breadth of history that has its roots here is enough to make your head spin. So many important artists spent day after day here religiously studying and seeking inspiration for their own work from artists like Delacroix and Renoir, Carravaggio, and so many others.
Tom Perlman, Susan and Ziggy, and Billy – all very talented musicians and artists (with hearts of gold) hanging with me in Edinburgh during the weekend of the G8 Summit. I wish that I had a photo of all the cool crazy exciting things we did that weekend, but alas, I was slacking on the camera. I will tell you that one crazy experience involved a renegade film artist from Brazil illegally projecting his politically-charged films on the side of an apartment building and the cops coming in after us. It was such a weekend that the authorities were on edge and for a moment I thought I would for sure be arrested.

My great friend Billy and sweet puppy Pooper (aka Leah)


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