Plant Sweet Peas When Daffodils Bloom

The valley where I live used to be filled with an abundance of wild sweet peas.  In the early 1900′s the town began having a sweet pea carnival and parade with pony carts and buggies covered with thick garlands of Gallatin Valley sweet peas.   The flowers were diminished by a blight, but some remnants of the native flowers remain, including in my garden.

In the 1970′s some of my art professors decided to start an art festival with the name Sweet Pea, in memory of those early days of the flower carnival.

This is a painting I created with sweet peas and wildflowers and a view of the town and Bridger Mountains from a high hill on the east edge of town.

It is snowing a wet spring snow right now, but it is perfect timing to plant sweet peas.  The daffodils are just about to open.

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