Plays Guitar with a Butter Knife

And that is not some kinda metaphor for something.

He literally plays an electric guitar using a metal butter knife to indent the strings on the fretboard.

But it COULD be a metaphor for something. It might be….

CeDell is a modern day Arkansas Delta bluesman. His right hand got mangled in maybe a farm acciddent and he wanted to play the guitar so much that he fiddled around with the butter knife. It acts as a kind of slide, though it does not produce the steel guitar smoothness of a slide.

No. The butter knife brings out all kinds of anxious ovetones, nervous undertones. You’d never guess that a butter knife could produce such a strangely strangled sound. It’s not unpleasant. But it’s not gonna be featured on a Corona TV spot ever in the history of the universe.

We went to see him play at the Whitewater Tavern one time and he was late late late. When he FINALLY got there he refused to play a note until someone called Domino’s and got him a pizza for dinner. We all sat around and waited, rather patiently I might add, until Domono’s showed up with the pie and CeDell could polish most of the pepperoni pizza off.

His taste in clothing patterns reminds me a bit of the sound of the butter knife across the fretboard. So I made sure to try to convey that in my painting.

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