podcasts & walking mornings

I’ve been listening to Debbie Millman’s podcasts while walking mornings and watching Spring burst forth from every tree and garden cranny.

Its like a party I don’t want to miss.

walking morning collection…inspiration for drawing later.

lettuce sown in a long rectangular clay pot and last years thyme coming back.

a new kind of carrot and thankfully last years parsely returns.

giant purple allium rearing their heads…stay tuned.

you can never have enough arugula(rocket)..one of the first things I plant and the one I plant continuosly all summer and fall. I love the way chives get so green and perky in the Spring. And the garlic grows on!

 I have been listening to Debbie Millman ‘s podcasts with various designers, illustrators, writers, and typographers. Today was a podcast interview with SwissMiss superblogger Tina Roth Eisenberg who I found really inspiring. I love her easy to do app Teux Deux which she launched in 2009. I love her keep it simple design aesthetic. She has worked for ThinkMap and Visual Thesaurus which is so helpful sometimes depending on the project.

via Visual Thesaurus


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