Ponzi + Amnesty International: Voices for Freedom

Emiliano Ponzi partnered with Leo Burnett Iberia and the incredibly talented team at the animation company We Are Captive to create Voices for Freedom. The animated short is part of Amnesty International‘s recently launched campaign that confronts the silencing of civil activists from around the world. It was just screened before an international audience at the Festival de Cannes in southern France.

Emiliano’s beautiful, graphic illustrations tell the story of Dhondup Wangchen, a Tibetan filmmaker who was imprisoned in 2008 after the making of his film, Leaving Fear Behind. The film documented how modern-day Tibetans feel about human rights in Tibet, as well as the then impending Beijing Olympic Games. After being tortured and held without charge for more than a year by Chinese authorities, the filmmaker Dhondup was sentenced to six years imprisonment for inciting separatism.

The short was strongly influenced by Buddhist and Tibetan proverbs, using animals central to the religion and lifestyle in Tibet and the crane which is a national symbol in China.

The short was included in four entry categories at Cannes. Please click here if you would like to sign a petition or contribute a voicemail in support of Dhondup.


Ad Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia
Director: Oliver Durant
Art Director: Bruna Guerreiro
Illustrator: Emiliano Ponzi
Animation: Oliver Durant, Bruna Guerreiro, Anne Calandre, Matthias Hoegg
Voiceover Artist: Adelaide de Sousa
Soundtrack: Jamie Masters
Sound Production: Leon Dixon-Goulden / Adelphoi Music
Voiceover Recording/Mix: Indigo

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