Portrait Illustration Project

Recently I finished a kind of portrait commission of a friend’s daughter for her birthday.
I say ‘kind of’ portrait because it’s her, but done in the style of a book cover or movie poster incorporating not only her, but other elements of her life and her interests.
My friend provided some photos of her and her favorite dolls plus a list of facts about her.
In this case the list included that she knows 6 different languages, likes Japanese culture, ‘Gothic lite’, the Twilight series of books and playing piano.
I included a scene of an Icelandic waterfall as the background-part of her family history and travels.
The two Japanese symbols stand for ‘Happiness’ and ‘Study’.
Since the finished piece is all digital (Photoshop) I them uploaded it to imagekind.com. From there my friend could choose and order any size or type of print that he wanted for delivery.

It was a fun project to do and I hear that she really liked the results.

I’m always open for projects like this-if you would like something similar, feel free to contact me at stevepics@mac.com.
Click on the image for a detailed view.

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