Portrait of Nat Benjamin, wooden boat designer & builder

Nat Benjamin’s portrait was the second painting unveiled at the June event at the Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard. After Stina’s painting was unveiled I am sure he didn’t know what to expect!

Nat hadn’t even seen the sketches I made for this painting, so everything about it was a surprise. From the crowd reaction, I’d say that there was no doubt people recognized who I had painted. Nat was even wearing one of the t-shirts shown in the painting, which gave the portrait even more realism!

The pose shows him standing in the Gannon & Benjamin boat shop on Beach Street in Vineyard Haven, which is actually right next to the gallery which held the unveilings. We owe so much to Nat — he was the main reason we relocated to the Vineyard — and he made a wonderful subject to paint.

Below you can see the completed painting, followed by the initial oil sketch.

Portrait of Nat Benjamin, wooden boat designer & builder
(click on image for a larger view)

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