Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful US clients / readers / customers!

It may not be a holiday that we celebrate here in the UK, but from my years of watching US sitcoms and shows I’ve always loved the tradition (and forgive me if this is not a tradition!) of sitting around the table and stating what you’re thankful for.

It’s so important to take a moment, even if it is just once a year, to show gratitude for what you have rather than constantly thinking of what you don’t have. 

It’s quite easy to forget all those wonderful little things that make up the the small joys in our day to day lives, especially when the world around us can be chaotic, un-predictable and (especially this year) disappointing. Whether it’s personal life or work life, your laser beam focus on what you haven’t done, or what you haven’t achieved or are lacking can easily over look the other great things that are clearly around you and which, to others, may be what they feel are lacking. 

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.

— Charles Dickens

So here is my compact (but not complete) list of things I’m really grateful for – the small and the big stuff…

  • My home studio – you are warm, you are cosy, and I don’t have to pay separate rent for you 

  • The Nottingham creative community – in particular the wonderful Nottingham Etsy Team where I feel like I’ve met my tribe and have a reason to leave the house.
  • Spotify … you have enabled my golden oldie and tacky music habit which has got me through many a deadline. 
  • My husband – Truly, no other human I’d want to spend this short time on earth with. We created a lovely little phenomena who I can’t wait to meet in March – I hope she has your dark hair and un-fazed personality, but not your beard. 
  • Our daughter – you kicking me in the bladder right now tells me that you’re alive and nothing makes me happier. Keep kicking little one. 
  • My family – extended and blood – who have been my cheerleader and my shoulder to cry on in what’s been a year of lows and highs.
  • Chocolate malted milks. Whoever thought to whack chocolate on malted milks needs a statue, or a national day. Or both. 
  • The bin man who actually puts my bins back for me – you don’t have to do this, you are a lovely human. 
  • My neighbour who is always signing for my parcels – you saved me so much time trying to find a car park space at the depot. 
  • CBT – Thank you for helping me to get my life back. I owe you, and the NHS, so much. 
  • Yes, the NHS. Always the NHS. 

So what are you grateful for today? Feel free to share with me in the comments below, or write it down and keep it safe for a day when things feel like they’re really not going your way. 


P.S I’m really enjoying this roll I seem to be on with writing posts! Do you want to read more or less? Drop me a line, or tweet @deborahpanesar to me know.