If you happen to be in Ottawa in the next couple weeks be sure to check out the multitude of artistic activities that will make up Prairie Scene in 2011. My film 412222 will be projected during the opening kick-off festivities along with other Winnipeg films brought together by Monica Lowe from the Winnipeg Film Group.  But that is not all!

I am also part of a huge Winnipeg artistical tour-de-force exhibit curated by Noam Gonick and Plug In ICA  called Winter Kept Us Warm .This show will then travel to Paris France for an opening in June at la Maison Rouge, Foundation Antoine de Galbert, then down to the International Museum of Modern Art in Sete, France for a run there from November to May 2012. I will be showing two older phallus drawings and 5 old and new wooden phallus carvings.  

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