Pre Shoot Shots

I had the opportunity Sunday to meet with Kelly to scout out a location and talk about some ideas for this dress. We met at the exact hour of day planned for the shoot so I could see where the light was going to be and I tried out a few very casual shots. It was cool to be able to wander around and find little hidden spots that might make for some good photos. In the ‘old days’ of the 70’s -90’s photographers would take Polaroids to see how a scene would look on film before the actual photo shoot began. So I think of these as my Polaroids. I’ve also roughly doodled in some ideas on these. The real photo shoot is coming up soon. I highly recommend when photographing a model to have some ideas in mind before even touching the camera. I always have a starting point in mind and either stick with it, or most frequently, it develops into other ideas as the shoot progresses.

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