President Elect Obama – Lava Lamp

President Elect Obama – Lava Lamp

There are a lot of artists producing posters and paintings to commemorate the inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama. My contribution to this flurry of capitalism is the design of Lava Lamp’s new Collector’s Edition resin lamp featuring a cameo portrait of the 44th President of the United States of America. Lava Lite, LLC is producing this lamp in limited quantities – so make sure you get your hands on one. These lamps are sure to be one of those unique souvenirs of an historic time in our nation’s history. In 75 years, what piece of Americana will your grandchildren take to the Antiques Roadshow?…a Victory plate? – HA! a poster? – pishaw…The Commemorative Lava Lamp – that’s where it’s at.

You can read all about it here – Lava Lite website

As an Edit – the Chicago NBC affiliate did a quick little blurb on the lamp…you can view it here – but, you need to be using Internet Explorer – if you are using another browser, it’s around 14:00 or so.

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