Product Packaging Portraits

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A while ago (last year?) I worked on a fun annual report project with BCN Communications in Chicago, with art director Rob Mileham. It was a preliminary test stage for their client Pepsico’s Annual Report. The agency was exploring different options for the visual images to be used… and I was chosen for the illustrative approach. 

My task was creating still life graphics of some of the well known consumer products under the Pepsico umbrella of companies. The art images were taking the tact of a “hand-drawn” look with a bit of a purposeful naive feel to them (compared to the usual photographic approach). I created still life vignettes of Quaker Oats Oatmeal, Gatorade, Tropicana Orange Juice, Lays Potato Chips, and Pepsi Zero. Each image was created in Adobe Illustrator. The essence was to capture the recognizable container shape and product colors with a bit of flair…  

I had fun with these images…I always do when drawing food images, but it’s too bad that my illustration approach was ultimately not selected for the final stage use for the client’s annual report. This happens many times in advertising… wherein the agency will present the client a photographic approach, and a couple different illustrative approaches before deciding on the final “look” to go with. Sure, you get paid for the preliminary stage work, but it’s an empty exercise, because the satisfaction is having the work seen in print, which also brings new assignments your way. Hey, you can’t win them all! 

My favorite one?… the Gatorade bottle!

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