Featured Image: Stephanie Dalton Cowan

4  illustrators represented by Gerald and Cullen Rapp played a huge role in the success of USC Dornsife’s award winning Fall 2014/Winter 2015 Food issue!

USC Dornsife received a gold medal for best periodical and Rapp artists Stephanie Dalton Cowan, Nigel Buchanan, Peter and Maria Hoey  and David Brinley used their diverse skills to help win the award for overall artistic merit.

Rapp Art extends a big thank you to art director Dan Knapp for his support.

Congratulations everyone!

Here are the contributors:

Stephanie Dalton Cowan – “Brave New World”

By studying transatlantic food culture through the lens of an 18-th century unpublished cookbook, doctoral student Juliette Parsons sheds light on the formation of modern American eating habits.


Stephanie Dalton Cowan, “Brave New World”


Stephanie Dalton Cowan, “Brave New World”


David Brinley – “All Grown Up”

The Trojan Guardian Scholarship program helps Lucere Moyola connect with her true inner power.


David Brinley, “All Grown Up”


Peter and Maria Hoey, “The Vicious Cycle”

Contemplating devouring that doughnut? Biologist Scott Kanoski’s research shows that eating junk food tricks the brain into wanting to reach for that sugary or fatty treat.


Peter and Maria Hoey, “The Vicious Cycle”


Nigel Buchanan, “Writer and Composer”

A unique interdisciplinary collaboration that involves students from three graduate-level courses offered through USC Dornsife and USC Thornton School of Music.


Nigel Buchanan, “Writer and Composer”

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