RAW Las Vegas: my experience

RAW Las Vegas: my experience
Call time for artists was from 2-3 pm on March 5th, the day of the event.
I arrived at about 2:30 to set up my 12 x 6 chain link panel. The event started at 7pm, so there was a LOT of down time before the event.
Setting up was definitely the trickiest part. I used wire for the back of my pieces and “S” hooks to connect the artwork to the chain link. The fence panel was pretty beat up so it was really tough to get the artwork to lay evenly. Spacing it out evenly was tricky too. Zip ties came in handy for all sorts of uses. As did a thin gauge wire with heavy duty scissors, so make sure you bring those to MacGyver with while you’re there.
You can see from the photo of my booth, that I used 6 small clamp lights ($7 each at Lowes). 5 above the panel and 1 as an uplight which helped a lot. I also brought 2 small tables for displaying my prints and published books.
For your Identity poster you could also attach it above the panel, but for me lighting would have made it difficult to see, so I opted for the center of the panel.
I hadn’t planned on leaning artwork along the bottom but that worked out nicely for me.
As far as pricing, obviously that’s a very personal choice. Whatever you decide to price your “show-stopping” prints for, make sure you have low priced prints for people to choose from too. My best selling prints were priced at $10 each. Some $20 prints sold too. I also had postcards made (Moo.com does varying designs on one side while the back is all the same, perfect for postcards) which I sold for $3 each.
I only sold one original.
My ties were priced for $20 and I sold a few of those too.
I was not impressed with the sales aspect of the show. Hopefully you’ll have a different experience, Vegas locals are broke!
I had a very busy booth, lots of people almost the entire time. I brought my sketchbooks and other books that showcase all my art not just what was there which were fun to open up and share with people who were interested.
If I do it again, I will focus more on the smaller prints than on pricey originals. The originals attract people to the booth, but I’d have lower priced reproductions in all shapes and prices for people to buy.
The event really helped me to focus on what I enjoy doing most, painting. I enjoyed talking with everyone who stopped by. I do wish that I had engaged more people rather than let them walk on by when they were clearly interested in my art. Now that I do have this experience behind me, if there is a next time I will be very well aware of what to expect and not expect. It was a fun experience over all.

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