Recession Drawings #34 & #35 (…And the Beating Goes On)

Hmmmm…Did VP Joe Biden say: “The Summer of Recovery” a short while back? Was he talking about this summer? Maybe he meant to say: “The Summer of Drudgery?or possibly, “A Bummer of a Recovery?

I was just wondering, because things are slow all over and getting slower… housing sales and prices continue to drop. Construction is down. New jobs are not materializing, salaries are stagnant, etc… Some summer. Gee, maybe the “Fall of Fabulousness” is next!

So, I came up with the doodle of the globe as a snail, barely chugging along through the summer of recovery. Also an image of a red chair with a shadow of four legs, but the chair has one leg missing. -a loose concept suggesting stability is not what it used to be, and we are trying to perceive that things are as they used to be before. In other words, 4 is the new 3. Click here to see some previous “recession” doodles. And here

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