@removador from @mymorningjacket shot on my @lomography Automat…

@removador from @mymorningjacket shot on my @lomography Automat camera at Coachella many many moons ago. I was working at @surfer_magazine at the time and I managed to finagle a press pass. So I was up there in front of the front row, shooting photos of bands with my toy cameras, alongside pro photographers with the best equipment money could buy. Obviously none of my photos ran in the magazine and I was never able to get that press pass again, but it was certainly fun while it lasted.

Lately I’ve been listening to My Morning Jacket’s “The Waterfall†album a lot. I really love the song “Believe (Nobody Knows)â€. For me it conjures spiritual feelings, but I think believing in people and things is important beyond that. There aren’t a lot of things in life that are set in stone. Much of our lives are built around belief, and what we choose to believe in shapes who we are. I believe in love. Not romantic love, (not in this sense) but selfless love. It is easy to love those who love us. Anyone can do that. It is much harder to love those who hate us or others we care about. I don’t think people will change through hate, or fighting or hurting though. I do believe that selfless love can change people. Loving your enemies, even when they try to hurt you has the power to change people. It is one of the hardest things to do, it is radical, but that is why it is so powerful. I don’t always model this behavior, but I do aspire to it. If you are looking for something to believe in believe in love!

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