Pre-orders now open for Rouxls Ruleseth: a Rouxls Kaard Fanzine!

This is a zine dedicated to the Duke of Puzzles himself, Rouxls Kaard! Over 50 contributors came together to create work for this project.

Zine is available in both digital and physical formats! Physical zine is 8.5×11, saddle-stitched, and 48 pages long. Digital zine will be a 300dpi PDF. Extra merch may be added; all extra merch is shown in above photos.

This zine is a split profit/charity zine, with each artist deciding if they would like to keep their share of the profits, or have it donated to Oceana, an ocean conservation non-profit.

In addition, reblogging this post with the tag “giveaway” enters you into a giveaway for one free copy of the zine! An additional winner will be added every 100 notes (Note: if you are not comfortable with giving an address for your reward, you may opt for the digital zine instead).

Pre-orders end February 28th!

This is a zine I’m hosting with a huge set of lovely creators! I’d appreciate if you gave it a reblog, or checked out the zine itself!