A local group of runners were going to be participating in Run Woodstock 2019 and had asked me to come up with a design they could have direct to garment printed on team shirts.

They wanted charictures of all their members included along with the classic VW Van that was so popular in the 1960s.

2019-06-19 11.52.15.jpg
2019-08-09 19.36.16.jpg
laura b.JPG

Then I spent some time doing a Google Image search to find references of the van and color schemes and trim details I could use in my design.

2019-08-09 19.46.47-1.jpg
2019-08-09 19.47.45-1.jpg

With that in place I continued to do image searches for 60’s inspired artwork, patterns and designs for even more inspiration.


Although I generally like to work in 3/4 view – for the front of a shirt it made the most sense to me to have the faces of the group appearing inside the windshield of the van. With a few members popping out the windows.I was nearly done with the full color art when the team added on another member. So I had to go back and rework things a little bit. That is when I remembered that in the images I pulled up of the van they could have sun roofs. So I reworked the design and rearranged a few members before coming up with the final configuration. Once approved – I moved onto completed the art in Adobe Illustrator, resulting in the final image below.

Alison Woodstock Vector Art ver1.jpg
Alison Woodstock Vector Art Color ver 03-01.jpg