Sarah J. Coleman for Special K

Sarah J. Coleman creates an inspirational bridal gown for Kellogg’s new Special K. The new advertising campaign promotes the cereal brand’s custom weight management plan for brides-to-be. It is part of Special K’s larger campaign, named “What Will You Gain When You Lose?” that promotes weight loss through its products.

Coleman was given a list of words to incorporate into the design. They included “grace,” “radiance,” “happiness,” and “shine,” words that reflect a bride’s mood and appearance on her wedding day. The mixture of the words and the floral and paisley designs on the dress give it the appearance of lace.  The design took several rounds of development and changes with the end result being a combination of ink and digital drawing.

See more of Sarah J. Coleman’s illustrations here.

Client: Kellogg’s Special K
Agency: Leo Burnett
Art Buyer: Christine Oliver
Senior Producer: Alethya Luiselli
Illustration: Sarah J. Coleman

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