I received a call a little while ago asking me if I was sitting down as they had some exciting news for me. Unbeknownst to me, I had been nominated for an SCBWI Tribute Fund Scholarship by the SCBWI Illinois regional team – and they just found out I was chosen as the recipient!

“The SCBWI Tribute Fund commemorates members of the children’s book community, their lives, and their work by funding an all-expense scholarship to the SCBWI International Summer Conference in Los Angles. Scholarships from the tribute fund are not applied for, rather Regional Advisors nominate members from their region who are on the verge of a breakthrough and have given a significant contribution to their region.”

I am so honored that they all see something in me and appreciate my contributions to the SCBWI that they would choose me for this generous award.

Thank you to those who nominated me, those who selected me as one of only two recipients worldwide, and to the SCBWI organization at large. I am so grateful and humbled!