September 6, 2010, No Place Like Home

The humble home of a family of vireos this summer is the large weeping birch tree trunk that still stands in my back yard.  The weeping birch was an awesomely beautiful tree when I moved here 23 years ago.  It was so lovely, it was the gem of my back yard.  A utility company mistakenly cut off half its branches and killed the tree.  They gave me a small recompense, but the mature tree was dead.  The branches were removed, but I left the tall standing trunk for all the flickers and woodpeckers that were attracted to it.  Eventually, the holes became nesting spots for a different type of bird family each summer.  This year it was vireos, sweet little flashes of green in the yard.

The birch tree provides both food and shelter for the birds.  They love (heart) that tree!

This is an oil painting on canvas, 4.25 inches by 3 inches.  Click on the image to see a close-up.

HOME SWEET HOME, lyrics by Payne, music by Bishop
Mid Pleasures and palaces though I may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home;
A charm from the sky seems to hallow us there,
Which, seek thro’ the world, is ne’er met with elsewhere. Home.

Home! Sweet, sweet home!
There’s no place like home.
There’s no place like home.

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