Shaunna Peterson’s ravings & cravings 2009-01-22 21:28:00

Still finishing last minute business for the “Pin It Up Babycakes” show. I was really happy with how this painting one came out. “Puffing the Magic Dragon” is 12″ x 36″, acrylic on wood. I’m slowly trying to start working a little bigger… and I think it might really help move my art forward a little bit. Change is good.

A close up…

the scrollwork…
And here’s a small piece called “Sucky It Up” 4″ x 6″ She’s in a cute little frame as well. I decided with the times, I should probably do a few smaller, more affordable pieces for the show.

“Princess Corsets”

Still have two more little pieces to finish up, then ship everything out *hopefully* on Saturday.We recently took the boys up to Camp Wrightwood for the day to get in a little snowplay and sledding. Had such a good time, Dylan talks about going back every day…. literally.

Okay, that’s my little update… I’ll post the other two pics for the show soon! Bye for now!

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