After much thought I have decided to open an e commerce store to compliment my illustration business. In this instance I wanted to create a store that reflected my personal ethos, and interests. I decided upon a drop shipping model, whereby I source product internationally as well as the UK. The main reason for this is because I can access the most exciting products. 
Bie Creative was founded on the ethos of creativity, and its fundamental presence within every individual. Life is a rich experience, with highs and lows, fostering the creativity within us can revolutionise our ability to move mountains, and conversely, creativity can protect and nurture in not so positive times. Children have a high level of creativity, as yet, unencumbered by the rigours of life. Creative Bie assists creative encouragement by creating a platform for creative endeavour, sourcing and curating the most dynamic, exciting, products from around the world. 
Creative Bie brings you products at a extra low cost to you, international sources offer a much lower markup compared to the UK, indeed, all the major companies have been trading with international sources throughout  history, and the majority of British consumables are currently sourced internationally, However, It is not only the price determinant that encourages this enterprise, it is also the fact that unfortunately, in the Uk we are much less likely to create extraordinary creative products for children. The very fact that international countries size differential offers a far greater chance of creative product procurement, coupled with high productivity speed, enables great advantage for both the entrepreneur and the consumer.