Sketch o’the Week- Kit Harington!

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Better late than never today… and we continue our series of caricatures from “Game of Thrones”. This week our subject is Kit Harington aka Jon Snow.

I met Mr. Harington in person last year at the Warner Bros./DC Comics party at Comic-Con. You would not believe how tiny he is. The internet claims he is 5’8″ but I think that would be accurate only if he was standing on a box. Maybe weighed 140 soaking wet. If it wasn’t for Peter Dinklage Harington would be the shortest guy on the set. That’s neither here or there, but it is funny how easy it is in films and TV to not get sense of the actual physical type of an actor. I would have thought he was close to 6 foot, based on his cahracter in GoT.

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